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Dr. Maryam Chiani

Clinical Assistant Professor


What We Offer


Cosmetic & Restorative 

Cosmetic and Aesthetic dentistry can change your smile and give you a more youthful appearance. Here are some options:


Crowns &
fixed Bridges

Crown offer full coverage to restore the tooth to its normal shape and size. It can make tooth stronger and improve its appearance.


Dental Implants

Implants have become the next best thing to a patient’s own teeth. They replace the roots of missing teeth and are used to support crowns, bridges and dentures.

Dentist Chair

Who We Are

Dr. Maryam Chiani is an advanced dental professional specialized in Prosthodontics. She is also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, school of Dental Medicine.

~ Dr. Maryam Chiani 

Our Technology:

  • Digital Radiography - Xray

  • Air abrasion (no shot, no drill) dentistry for small fillings

  • Intra-oral camera

  • Ultrasonic scaling

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Customer Reviews


It is most fortunate to have the services of D. Maryam Chiani.Her crown and bridgework is the best that we have had. Her implant work and final restorations are quite comfortable, and reflect her expertise in using up-to-date dental techniques. She has an excellent personality, is easy to communicate with,quite gentle and respects her patients.

Dr. Robert and Alice Atchison

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(412) 341-0979


Maryam A. Chiani, DMD, LLC
520 Washington Road, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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